Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy black Friday! A sad reminder that we are all utterly at the mercy of our corporate overlords!


I understand that Christmas is coming and we all have next to nothing in the bank. So when great deals happen it's wise to take advantage of good deals so you can save some money and get the people you love some nice gifts for Christmas. I understand this, and I am in no way bashing my fellow Americans personally, we all have our day to day struggles and times are incredibly tough.

But at the same time, I respectfully ask my fellow citizens, are we not rewarding the very system that has caused us all such misery and hardship? For years corporate influence has "occupied" our democracy. Lobbying congress to pass regulation that benefits their own corporate interests, some even taking part or entirely writing laws that congress then votes on. This is the only way our supposed representatives can get re-elected. If they don't appease those with money and power they know they'll lose their jobs and there lies the great challenge of our democracy right now.

It's sad to me that in poll after poll people are saying loud and clear that America is moving in the wrong direction. And yet the majority of us aren't really doing anything about it. Ya we have elections and "throw the bums out", but the root of the problem is never pulled.We don't elect representatives who vow to pass legislation barring corporate influence in Washington. I like to call this "The separation of Corporation and State" bill! In a perfect world we would all boycott black Friday to send a message to big corporations that we are not for sale, we cannot be bought, we will not sell out! Unfortunately they've got us right where they want us. We have no money, no jobs, and no hope! So we all gather at these god forsaken buildings in the freezing cold in the middle of the night and rush to get stuff like hogs rushing to get the new batch of slops to eat. It's sad.

This is not sustainable! My grandparents owned a home and my grandfather had a career, it was a struggle no doubt, but the system was set up to reward those who worked hard and did the right thing. My parents owned a home and my mother had a career, same thing, money was tight and growing up we didn't always have nice things, but we lived in a home and our quality of life was pretty damn good . I rent an apartment and am lucky to have a part time job, I am no different from my grandpa and mother, I work hard, I try to do the right thing, but no matter what I do we are constantly in debt and our quality of living is fair at best. What will my daughter get?? Debt, unsafe air to breath and water to drink, unlivable wages, and probably underemployment to a crappy low paying job! Is this the America we want to leave to the next generation?

A country that says it is more interested in making a profit than making a difference? Because this is undoubtedly our countries current trajectory. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. And this shouldn't be a typical partisan republican VS democrat fight either! This is a question of what kind of country are we? Have we really become just a nation of consumers? Or are we the kind of country that Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy believed this country to be.
  • " America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."  -Lincoln
  • "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -Roosevelt
  • "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." -Kennedy
  • "Just do it" -Nike
  • "Always low prices, always!" -Walmart
  • "Have it your way" -McDonalds



  1. Lincoln is the gold standard for presidents! I highly doubt this country will have a better man as president!

  2. Hard-hitting and relevant. We need to open our eyes about the current economic situation and the slide into oligarchy.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Ahab. I honestly can't believe any one has money to buy anything right now. It's shocking!

  4. The biggest barrier to action is cynicism. Look how many people go around saying that nothing we can do will make any difference, the powers that be are simply too powerful, both political parties are basically the same, and suchlike. This kind of defeatism is an excuse for inaction. Getting up off one's ass and trying to do something is work; it's a lot easier to just sit there complaining and carp at the people who are trying to achieve progress.

    Also, polls that show people think the country is moving in the wrong direction aren't very informative. Why do they think it's moving in the wrong direction? Not everyone who answers that way on a poll grasps the problem of the financial parasite class or rising inequality. Some of them are thinking the country is going the wrong way because of evolution being taught in school and gays being able to get married.

  5. I disagree that both political parties are the same. They couldn't possibly be any more different. One party believes in governance and social justice while the other believes in the private sector and social intolerance. Although many democrats (too many actually) sell out and cave in to the right wing.

    I do however agree with you that cynicism and apathy are our greatest enemies. And yes, polls tend to over simplify what the public wants and doesn't want.

  6. I hope you noticed that I was citing the view that "both political parties are basically the same" as an example of the cynical attitude I object to.

  7. Indeed I did. I was merely pointing out the main differences between the two parties. I worry that the liberal base has become so disillusioned with the current state of the country that they won't participate in the next election.

    If Obama loses to Romney it will be because the liberal base couldn't see the big picture. Yes Obama and the democowards have caved in time and time again to the right but if the right assumes control of the country things will undoubtedly go from bad to worse.

    Anyway I'm ranting now. Let's be mad as hell at the democrats but still vote for the bastards okay?


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