Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mourning Springs

"Shut your god damn fucking mouth Blanch!" She suddenly screamed at that awful brute as she swiftly and violently threw the stack of Blanch's carefully drawn out plans at her. The stack of paper landed on Blanch's back with a loud whisk and Ditto knew this would be the end for her. Blanch, who weighed 267 pounds with pure muscle and and body mass was immensely superior to the 145 pound petite Ditto.

"You fucking cunt!" Blanch angrily scolded as she swooped into to the enraged Ditto. Blanch, who is never challenged, never questioned, always feared, grabbed Ditto between her legs, picked her up over her head, swung her upside down, and slammed her head first to the ground. "Anna!" Ditto desperately screamed as she was swung down to the dirt ridden ground. Then with a loud thump and a chocking sound it was silent. "Burn in hell you useless slut!" Proclaimed Blanch. Ditto was now silent and not moving. Anna's heart sunk, her heart filled with fear and rage.

Anna, who was the soul of this critical operation, felt a surge of desperation come over her as she raced to aid her fallen friend. "Ditto?" She cried, "Dittey?" As she shook her unconscious friend. "Please god no." As she felt behind her friends ear, no pulse. Her friend, one of the few Anna has ever know, had perished. Anna felt a burn in her throat, her head felt as if the whole of Loft City had fallen upon her. She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream, she wanted to sob. But today was not the day, there was a war to start, and Anna knew that time was already running out.

Anna looked up at the ugly murderer, the monster who has time and again caused her pain. Anna pulled out her gun and pointed swiftly at that fucking tool

"This shot was meant for someone else, but I've gotta tell ya, I'm reconsidering." -Anna

"Go ahead savior girl, blow your insurrection, I'll laugh all the way to to the lords hands." -Blanch

Anna wanted nothing more than to pull the trigger and rid the world of this useless beast. But the plan must go forth, if Anna gave in to fear and her emotions everything she, her mother, her grandparents, her friends, her comrade's have fought for, would be forever lost. She had only one bullet in her gun and it was not meant to be waisted on this pathetic piece of fucking meat. Anna lowered her gun as the others in the group circled around the hated Blanch, ready to follow whatever orders their beloved Anna Mi asked of them.

Anna swallowed the enormous lump in her throat, gathered her thoughts," we've come too far to fail, continue on with our mission." She said as she turned to her most trusted friend, Toshi," I need a minute with her." As her eyes filled with tears. "Okay hun, just a minute, we need you girl." Anna walked to her fallen com rad and hunkered beside her. Ditto had always been their for Anna, they knew each other before the uprising, before the rebellion, before Anna was leader of a soon to be known terrorist organization known as Equestria. Anna remembered when they would day dream together in the land fields about who they would be someday, who they loved, their hopes for the ever dimming future.

"I....I failed you Dittey." Anna whispered as a tear hit her deceased friend on her left cheek. Anna layed her head on Ditto's and struggled to keep herself from completely losing it. Anna reached to her wing wallet and pulled out her butterfly wings. She only had three wings left. None of them were suited for her strong bond and kinship she's felt with Ditto. She grabbed the half faded dark orange wing and proceeded with the ritual that had been passed down from mother to daughter in her family. A ritual known as the "Fly Song." Anna's family was not religious in the least. But they did believe in the miraculous nature of the cosmos. They believed that death was merely a beginning to something much more powerful and beautiful than that of the life left behind. Much like a butterfly from a cocoon.

"Ay, ashaboo, all ay, shurndoo, ay, tall ay, keranoo, all ay." She sung. Left the butterfly wing in Ditto's right hand placed on her heart. Kissed her on the forehead, and got a up to begin a necissary task of starting a war against the sky. A war she knew in her heart, would change the course of her life, forever.

But to know what drives Anna Mi is to know where her story begins...


The slight cool breeze hits the skin with a slight pinch. Not from the crispness of the wind, nor the sweat from her pours. This pinch had nothing to do with a breeze. Whether on a mid-July after noon, or a bitter cold January evening. The bitter chill in the air remains still in the hearts and minds of the citizens of the great city. "Ann!?" the old woman half asked, half shouted in a inquisitive and loving way. "Anna?" "Coming grandma." Anna replied. She put down the old cardboard box she was carefully reading. The old box that resembled nothing more than a cereal box with muffled images and words hit the dirty, trash ridden ground.

Anna entered the church that housed her, her mother, her grandmother, and her grandfather. She removed her nose plugs as she quickly walked past her grandma and asked,"what's happened?" "Grandpa and me have to go to the meeting, will you let mommy know that we love her and will see her soon?" Anna, who hated shows of emotion or even love and caring looked hesitantly at her grandma. "Okay" she said as she reached down to tie her left shoe. As she tied she remembered her grandma teaching her to tie her shoe when she was a little girl.

"First you make the strings into an x, and loop them through, then you make bunny ears and loop it around....." Anna looked up at her grandma and said,"Be careful" and gave her a hug, her grandpa too. Her grandpas arms and upper torso shook as she gave him a warm embrace. The tall, mighty man her grandpa is suddenly felt frail and small. This bothered Anna, and made her very nervous for him. Even though that tomorrow is Anna's 29 birthday she still felt like a helpless, scared little girl as she watched her grandparents walk out the door.

Since she was able to walk she always worried for her grandparents and her mom. Her whole life she hated to be alone in a room without one of them by her side. "A ghost!" Five year old Anna once screamed as she ran out of the bedroom and into the living room where her mom was. She violently jumped into her mothers arms and tucked her head into her giggling mom's armpits. "Sweet cheeks?!" I promise you there is no such things as ghosts." The mere mention of the word GHOST made young Anna give a silent, cute sqeeil. Her mom picked her up and carried her back to the room that housed her sweet daughter, and her parents and picked up a small spray bottle. She looked at Anna lovingly and said,"you know what to say, you ready?" Anna looked up at her mommy nervously and and they both said together,"ghosts ghosts go away, let there be no ghosts today." And her mother sprayed what they called, the anti-ghost spray into the air.

Anna, as she watched the tunk arrive, felt a surge a sorrow and anguish wash over her as she watched the fully uniformed guards men get out of the tunk(tank bus) and forcefully put her loving, good, decent grandparents in their chairs. As the cold, steal tunk sat for a moment the sound of advertisements echoed out into the church corridor where Anna was ducking behind the window watching. The side of the tunk was riddled with advertisements from various people. The most prominent reading, COLLECTION GOT YOU DOWN? CATCH US ON THE FLY, WE MAY GIVE YOU A TRY! The picture was of a handsome young couple walking in a door filthy dirty and walking out in the latest footlocker gear.

Anna wished she could get a job for a person like the great Footlocker. No more cycling through generation upon generation of old garbage. No more smelling the awful stench of cuss ridden filth, no more putting up with the FMLC, no more living in a giant, cold building that houses hundreds of mindless consumes with whom Anna despises. She could finally work for a person like Footlocker that would actually pay for her hard work, and maybe could collect enough money for her and her loved ones to move to to an apartment. Then reality hit her, at last count, fifty seven hundred consumes where ahead of her to await the trials of the workforce. It won't happen, not in her lifetime any way.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The coreless man.

I just can't wait any longer. Me and the Rev man will be starting up our old blog Red Town Blues again but it's taking kind of long to get going and I just can't take it anymore! So for any one who doesn't enjoy political subjects this post is not for you. You have been warned.

Ask yourself one simple question, what does Romney stand for? What is his passion? What issue stands out as an absolute Romney issue to you? Do you have an answer yet? THIS MAN HAS NO CORE!

Rick Santorum is a crazy religious zealot who doesn't belong within a mile of the oval office. But at least he stands for something. We all know his core. JESUS GOOD, GAYS BAD, WAR GOOD, WOMAN'S HEALTHCARE REALLY BAD. We get it! It's a really horrible way to govern our country, but at least you know where this man stands.

Eye of Newt! We also know where this, uh, man? I guess.......stands? Newt Gingrich is all about Newt Gingrich! His core is Newt Gingrich, his passion is Newt Gingrich, his love is his eye of Newt if ya know what I mean. He'll say and do anything to get attention to himself all so he can make lotsa money so he and his Stepford wife >>>>>>            can live it up in the Bahamas without a care in the world.

And then you have Ron Paul and his supporters.
Where does Romney stand? It depends on what day you asked him, who asked him, how you asked it, and where he was when asked. Looking into Romney's past you see that he has been all over the map. He was pro-choice before he was pro-life. He was for Planned parenthood before he was against it, he supported government spending before he was against it, he supported healthcare for all until he decided he was against it.

I guess the one thing that stands out for Romney, the one passion he clearly has, his core if you will, is saying anything to gain power. That's it, he wants power. Do we want a man like this in the White House? Democrat or Republican?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am slowly building the desire to blog again. I'm not their quite yet, maybe in a month or two. Even just typing this paragraph makes me cringe. I got really tired of it. My biggest criticism of bloggers is for a community that is designed to be a source of outreach to others, the vast majority of bloggers want nothing to do with anyone. Well then why are you even blogging? I wish I could find some people that I could get along with and relate to. That is not possible for me where I live.(Utah). Anyway, see you all(all two of you reading this) in a month or so. I'll blog about this or that and nobody will give a shit. The end.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MORALLY BANKRUPT! A scathing criticism of Utah's young people.

All we want to "occupy" is a drink, a video game, and chicks dude!
There are only a few things you need to know about Utah's young people.
  • They don't care about anything or anyone that doesn't have anything to do with drinking, gaming, partying, and or Mormonism.
  • You are always wrong. No matter what you say to anyone about anything is dead on arrival and the only conversation you are about to endure will be about how smart the person you dared speak to is, and that you're an idiot.
  • Be what they define as normal! If you dare be different from the image of a Backstreet Boy you are weird and will be treated like the nonconforming sack of insanity you really are.
  • Have no opinion. You must appear to have the brains of an 11 year old and the convictions of a 9 year old. If you dare speak an opinion or even a passion that doesn't have to do with; drinking, hunting, fishing, gaming, or churching, prepare to be belittled, mocked, jeered at, and possibly shot dead.(not a joke)
  • Talk about stupid fluff. "I was at a party the other night," "I was so waisted"' " I got a new game", "We went hunting the other day", and "I was at sacrament meeting the other day," Are the seemingly only conversation starters in this joke of a state. Anything else will be met with irritability, hostility, annoyance, and mockery.
  • Be either a Mormon or far from it! There really is no middle ground here. Most people I know are either one extreme to another.
  • Most of all, don't waist your time trying! Be yourself and damn the rest. Every now and then someone will see you for the interesting, fun person that you are. Pity the small minded!
As Eleanor Roosevelt once said," Big minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people."

    Friday, December 2, 2011

    We are getting what we've payed for.

    We are getting what we've payed for.
    When you pay so little into anything you wont get much.
    I'm talking about taxes.
    The evil word nobody likes to hear.
    But it's true, we've all payed very little in taxes for the last 10 years.
    And look where it got us.
    Ya we had more money to spend.
    We were able to buy TV's we didn't need.
    Cars that polluted our air.
    Homes we couldn't afford.
    Stuff that only made corporations more rich and powerful.
    All while they hijacked our democracy.
    They're calling the shots now.
    They pay for our government!
    We forfeited our responsibility to our government.
    It's what we wanted wasn't it?
    Representation without taxation!
    We got it, woohoooo!
    No more gosh darned taxes!
    Why is our national debt going up?
    Why is the quality of living going down?
    Why are the roads crumbling?
    Why are our schools in disarray?
    Why are our jobs disappearing?
    Why isn't healthcare more affordable?
    Why can't I afford the basics anymore?
    Why do the top 1% control 50% of the nations wealth?
    Why are my freedoms being trampled on?
    Why wont the bums in Washington listen?
    We got what we wanted.
    Little taxation, little government.
    You get what you pay for. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
    Congress will only listen to the people who pay for them.
    Right now we aren't paying them much.
    So they're only going to listen to those who pay them the big bucks.
    Isn't this what we wanted?
    You can't expect a government to represent you without taxation!
    That's not the way a democracy works.
    If we want our democracy back.
    We must let go the small arguments of the past.
    Reagan said,"Government isn't the solution to our problems, government is the problem."
    He was wrong.
    Clinton said,"the era of big government is over."
    He was foolish to say that.
    Government is merely a reflection of us, the people.
    If we want them to be starved to death.
    If we believe that WE are the enemy.
    We'll get what we want.
    An economy that favors the wealthy.
    An economy that punishes the poor.
    An economy more interested in making a profit than making a difference.
    An economy that lets big banks and wall street make the big decisions for us.
    Because we didn't want to pay for it anymore.
    Instead we turned inward.
    We decided we wanted to live in a country.
    And continue to enjoy all it's greatness.
    We just didn't want to pay for it anymore.
    We got what we asked for.
    We have no one to blame but ourselves.
    If we're taxed little
    We'll get little in return.
    It's simple math.

    Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    Wheeler Farm

    Li'l Blue loves the duckies!

    Growing up in Mormon Utah I always was taught about the "spirit". Like when you feel nostalgic about something in Utah it's generally described as "feeling the spirit". We have a farm down the road from us called "Wheeler Farm" and it's honestly my favorite place in the world. If I die tomorrow and my "spirit" is stuck on earth that is the place where I would roam. It's beautiful, simple, fun, easy to get to, and most importantly to me; I love the way the place makes me feel! 

    She's always had a special relationship with the animals

    We have gone their ever since our little girl was born so it's a place filled with memories for me. Whenever we go their I would say that's the most nostalgic I get. There isn't one corner of the farm that doesn't have some fond memory. Whenever we have a free day to do whatever we want nine times out of ten I'll say," lets go to the farm." We love it because it's so easy for us to get to, it's free, Li'l blue loves to go and feed the ducks and ride the tractors, and it feels like you step into a different world at a different time. It's a place to get away from the world and clear your mind and think about what is most important to you. Obviously mine is my family.

    Li'l blue with her mommy during our 2007 Halloween visit.

    My mom and I are both unemployed right now. I wish she lived closer to where we live so I could take her with us their and we could just go for walks and get away from the stresses of the high tech, fast paced world. I believe that our system, while it's the best in the world, takes the human spirit away from us. And that we need to actively fight to keep it with us. Wheeler Farm to me is it! Every time I go I leave feeling more clear, and confident about things than when I arrived. And I believe it's because it's what the human mind needs. Time to be among earth, it's creatures, it's trees and dirt, it's clear crisp air, it's people, and water. 

    Li'l blue and her dorky dad!

    I highly recommend everyone who reads this to have a place like this where they can go and get away from computers, tv's, high tech gismo's, and other worldly influences to find themselves. I promise you you'll have more fun going for a walk outside among nature than anything a corporation has to sell you. Because deep down it is who we all are. We are merely creatures of a planet that is no more than a spec in an entire galaxy! We need to try to stay within our world and fight to stay away from cyber space as much as we can. Because while it's fun, in the end, it's just inevitable junk.

    Li'l Blue pretending to be a farmer while Daddy makes sure his armpits don't stink, 2011.

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    Enough about me! This blog is different!

    Something that has always bugged me about blogging are a few things...
    1. Bloggers who are so self obsessed that they only ever talk about themselves and their over indulgence of self worship and self righteousness. You join their blog hoping to find someone to reach out to but they never even bother to comment back to you because they are too busy reaching out to the only person they are interested in, themselves!
    2. Cliques! They annoy the living snot outta me! You join a blog thinking it will be interesting and fun but find that the writer has only a few people they'll actually communicate with. God what is this? Middle school?
    3. Writing a post that you pour your heart and soul into and never even reach the 20 page view mark. Yet if it's something fluffy or gossipy you reach the 40 page view mark within 24 hours of posting. C'mon people! I have a brain you know! But no one seems to care about that!
    4. My biggest pet peeve of all, you join someone's blog and like what you see and join it. Not once does the writer of that blog even bother to visit yours! I'm not even bothered if you stop by but aren't very interested in mine and decide not to join, but for god sakes at least give me a fucking chance! I gave you one! God!
    So now I'm gonna do something that very few bloggers do, I'm gonna do posts about YOU, my readers! It will be a by-weekly post about a reader of mine. I want you to tell me three things about yourself..
    1. What is your favorite song right now? Title, artist, and why you love it.
    2. Who is the most inspirational person you know? It could be anyone from your Mom, to Jesus, your neighbor, to John Lennon.
    3. Whatever you want to say. You can give an opinion about the issues of the day, talk about books that you love, whatever! This blog is open to all people of various faiths, beliefs, convictions, etc.
    So if you like this idea and want to be my first "Meet my kick ass readers" post simply leave a comment below describing the three things. I'd leave an e-mail address to reach me at but nobody has time for that. So we'll just do the comment thing for now. I doubt this idea even works but hell, I'll give it a try.

    The reason I started blogging was to reach out to my fellow Americans and beyond! This country and world is going through unbelievable challenges right now. I want to reach out and maybe create a community of folks who just want to vent and talk about this or that with. Being in Utah I have so few people I can talk to and relate with. And my wife can only handle so much of my whiny, sometimes very strong opinions.

    Anyways, this is how the "Meet my kick ass readers" post will look for you if you so choose to take part in this, I'll be the first one, I am a reader of my own blog after all.

    MEET MY KICK ASS READERS! EPISODE 1, THE JUSTIN MENACE!!!!!(can't you just hear the star wars music)

    Name, Justin!
    Favorite song right now, "Arlandria" by the Foo Fighters.
    Most inspirational person Justin knows, is a tie between his wife Amy and Abraham Lincoln.

    What Justin Has to say, I chose Abraham Lincoln because this country would surely not be free if not for him! If the confederacy had won the war and got their way the only truly free people of this country would be white, male, and Christian. I'm not bashing those three groups in any way I'm just saying it's a fact.

    Every time I read the "Gettysburg Address" I get chocked up. Half because of what honest Abe had to say at a truly horrific scene of the civil war in America where thousands upon thousands of people killed eachother, the other half because he felt he delivered a flop of a speech. And nobody would remember what he said. It's in my opinion the greatest speech ever in the history of man kind! He was a humble man, who thought very little of himself and very highly of the office he was elected to hold. There will never be a greater man to hold the office of president than Abraham Lincoln!

    Greatest president ever by a landslide!

    I chose my wife Amy because she quite literally keeps our families ship afloat! Here's a summary of a typical day for my incredible wife, 
    • Get up out of bed with daughter, sometimes at 5 or 6:00 in the morning.
    • Get breakfast for both. (Tougher than it sounds)
    • Get going on her schooling by 9:00. (She is our daughters home school teacher. We use K-12) This job is in my opinion the toughest most difficult job in America. Especially with our daughter who's mind tends to wander off to unicorn land once every two minutes of the day.
    • Be finished by 1:00 to leave enough time to get to her parents house so she has enough time to get to work.
    • Be at work by 3:00. The kind of work she has to do is not fun, or pretty. But she does it because her family needs her to do it until her dork husband can land a full-time job.
    • Get home by 7:00 and usually make dinner for her family.
    • Enjoy her husbands ranting and raving about whatever for the next couple of hours.
    • Get our daughter to bed by 9:00.(So much tougher than it freakin sounds!)
    • Finally have a bit of free time
    • Get everything ready for our daughters school work for the next day.
    • Get to bed by midnight if she's lucky.

    Us on our wedding day.

    So there you have it! One of my kick ass readers Justin. Sounds like a cool guy who's lucky to have the wife he has! Thanks for reading my blog Justin and I hope you continue to visit and talk about your plight with us!
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