Sunday, November 27, 2011

Enough about me! This blog is different!

Something that has always bugged me about blogging are a few things...
  1. Bloggers who are so self obsessed that they only ever talk about themselves and their over indulgence of self worship and self righteousness. You join their blog hoping to find someone to reach out to but they never even bother to comment back to you because they are too busy reaching out to the only person they are interested in, themselves!
  2. Cliques! They annoy the living snot outta me! You join a blog thinking it will be interesting and fun but find that the writer has only a few people they'll actually communicate with. God what is this? Middle school?
  3. Writing a post that you pour your heart and soul into and never even reach the 20 page view mark. Yet if it's something fluffy or gossipy you reach the 40 page view mark within 24 hours of posting. C'mon people! I have a brain you know! But no one seems to care about that!
  4. My biggest pet peeve of all, you join someone's blog and like what you see and join it. Not once does the writer of that blog even bother to visit yours! I'm not even bothered if you stop by but aren't very interested in mine and decide not to join, but for god sakes at least give me a fucking chance! I gave you one! God!
So now I'm gonna do something that very few bloggers do, I'm gonna do posts about YOU, my readers! It will be a by-weekly post about a reader of mine. I want you to tell me three things about yourself..
  1. What is your favorite song right now? Title, artist, and why you love it.
  2. Who is the most inspirational person you know? It could be anyone from your Mom, to Jesus, your neighbor, to John Lennon.
  3. Whatever you want to say. You can give an opinion about the issues of the day, talk about books that you love, whatever! This blog is open to all people of various faiths, beliefs, convictions, etc.
So if you like this idea and want to be my first "Meet my kick ass readers" post simply leave a comment below describing the three things. I'd leave an e-mail address to reach me at but nobody has time for that. So we'll just do the comment thing for now. I doubt this idea even works but hell, I'll give it a try.

The reason I started blogging was to reach out to my fellow Americans and beyond! This country and world is going through unbelievable challenges right now. I want to reach out and maybe create a community of folks who just want to vent and talk about this or that with. Being in Utah I have so few people I can talk to and relate with. And my wife can only handle so much of my whiny, sometimes very strong opinions.

Anyways, this is how the "Meet my kick ass readers" post will look for you if you so choose to take part in this, I'll be the first one, I am a reader of my own blog after all.

MEET MY KICK ASS READERS! EPISODE 1, THE JUSTIN MENACE!!!!!(can't you just hear the star wars music)

Name, Justin!
Favorite song right now, "Arlandria" by the Foo Fighters.
Most inspirational person Justin knows, is a tie between his wife Amy and Abraham Lincoln.

What Justin Has to say, I chose Abraham Lincoln because this country would surely not be free if not for him! If the confederacy had won the war and got their way the only truly free people of this country would be white, male, and Christian. I'm not bashing those three groups in any way I'm just saying it's a fact.

Every time I read the "Gettysburg Address" I get chocked up. Half because of what honest Abe had to say at a truly horrific scene of the civil war in America where thousands upon thousands of people killed eachother, the other half because he felt he delivered a flop of a speech. And nobody would remember what he said. It's in my opinion the greatest speech ever in the history of man kind! He was a humble man, who thought very little of himself and very highly of the office he was elected to hold. There will never be a greater man to hold the office of president than Abraham Lincoln!

Greatest president ever by a landslide!

I chose my wife Amy because she quite literally keeps our families ship afloat! Here's a summary of a typical day for my incredible wife, 
  • Get up out of bed with daughter, sometimes at 5 or 6:00 in the morning.
  • Get breakfast for both. (Tougher than it sounds)
  • Get going on her schooling by 9:00. (She is our daughters home school teacher. We use K-12) This job is in my opinion the toughest most difficult job in America. Especially with our daughter who's mind tends to wander off to unicorn land once every two minutes of the day.
  • Be finished by 1:00 to leave enough time to get to her parents house so she has enough time to get to work.
  • Be at work by 3:00. The kind of work she has to do is not fun, or pretty. But she does it because her family needs her to do it until her dork husband can land a full-time job.
  • Get home by 7:00 and usually make dinner for her family.
  • Enjoy her husbands ranting and raving about whatever for the next couple of hours.
  • Get our daughter to bed by 9:00.(So much tougher than it freakin sounds!)
  • Finally have a bit of free time
  • Get everything ready for our daughters school work for the next day.
  • Get to bed by midnight if she's lucky.

Us on our wedding day.

So there you have it! One of my kick ass readers Justin. Sounds like a cool guy who's lucky to have the wife he has! Thanks for reading my blog Justin and I hope you continue to visit and talk about your plight with us!


  1. I so want to be one of your kick ass followers. But, I have your email address so I'm going to send it that a way. woo hoo

  2. Uhm, I guess I'll give it a go...
    Favorite song right now: First, can I say thank you for putting the "right now" thing in there? Alright it might be "Man of the Hour" by Norah Jones only because I can relate to it all too well. Now that I say that, it's actually kind of an embarrassing fact. Oh well.
    Most inspirational person? My Grama Madge. She was so sick for so long but never let it stop her. She always wanted to go out and get things done (even going to Hot Topic and trying on candy bras, what 70 + year old woman do you know does that? I knew one, she was awesome. I plan on being one too!). I draw a lot of strength from her in regards to my own situation.

    Something I want to say: FARGLYBARGLE. That is all.

  3. Ha ha, you crack me up! I was having a rant the other day, and I'm only just beginning to calm down now!

    I'll give the questions some thought, but you are expecting me to choose one song!!

  4. Awesome Wit! You'll be episode 2! I'll make sure I link your awesome blog too, thanks Wit!

    LL I'm glad to see you're calming down. I read your post and am in awe of your social conscience. Feel free to list a bunch of songs if you want. Notice that I put "right now" though. What song speaks to you right now.

    Dazee I eagerly await your e-mail. :)

  5. 1) Favorite Song: Live version of Sin City by AC/DC, from an MTV concert in 1983. Track is on the B-side of an import 12" single. Love it because it rocks, completely, and there are a couple killer bass fills right before the choruses.

    2) Nobody inspires me right now, and that's a problem.

    3) Dude, Justin totally married "up." Good for him.

    I would write more expansive shit, but it's late and I've had too much to drink. But I'm not too drunk to know that you provide a valuable service to the liberal blogging community... You let us know that for whatever problems we see in our home towns, it would be immeasurably worse in Utah.

    Bluz out...

  6. Oh thank god! You were starting to scare me bluz man!

  7. (1) "World of Glass" by Tristania, because the song is bombastic, otherworldly, and crystaline in equal measures.

    (2) Peace activist Leymah Gbowee

    (3) Right now I'm reading a fascinating book called BUDDHIST WARFARE, which explores violence and warfare in Buddhism throughout history.

  8. My heart was pounding and my palms sweating cuz I was just POSITIVE you were talking about ME!! I have HUGE guilt this past few months because I've been reading almost zero blogs and commenting very little to my faithful readers at my blog! YIKES I am so GUILTY!!

    Mom is coming home from the nursing home this week, so my time will be taken up and my stress level will be extremely high, so it'll be some time before I can concentrate again. But I am hopeful I'll get my MoJo back one day.

    This post is a good way to bring friends in to open up and have fun, good job! I love what you do my friend, it's ALWAYS fun to peek inside the bloggers personal life, and you give us that!

    Take care honey, just relax and have fun!

  9. Favorite song: Varies from week to week, but right now I can't get this one out of my head. Why? I just love the sound of it, especially the contrasting vocals. Music is a very personal thing.

    Inspirational person: Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She came from a background more deprived and limiting than most Americans could imagine, but achieved a level of wisdom and courage few could approach.

    Viewpoint: Politics is important, but one shouldn't forget that other things are equally or more important. I think religion is a much more important force retarding progress, even now, than most secular people realize. And the most important liberating force in the world is technology, not politics. Vaccines, birth-control pills, and the internet have done much more to improve human life than almost any political accomplishment. Political progress usually affects only the country where it is achieved, and can be rolled back later if reactionaries get into power. Technological innovation rapidly spreads around the world, and is irreversible.

  10. you're SWEET!! Thanks Justin...

    And Infidel! Holy shit, that sounds like my sons kinda music, I call it devil music (The deep man voice in the song), not quite as bad as the stuff he listens to tho..LOL!

    I have no favorites, But love James Blunt to Aerosmith oldies to Corrine Bailey Rae..What does that say about me?

    People with huge giving hearts inspire me, Mother Theresa, Jimmy Carter, Angelina Jolie.

    Have a great day and a Merry Christmas Justin!

  11. No one else has a voice like Till Lindemann! And I imagine he'd consider "devil music" a compliment.....

  12. I really like this idea! I'll give it a shot, here goes.

    1. Favorite song right now...tough one. Imma pick To have and to have not by Lars frederiksen and the bastards. It just shows how desperate the working class' situation is and how we all work hard.

    2. The most inspirational person I can think of at the moment is Carl Sagan. He just had a way of getting his point out there. He was amazingly smart and well spoken.

    3. Right now I very much wish to film a documentary about body modification/art or begin interviews on my podcast about people's deconversion stories and thoughts on religion.

  13. Thanks all! Wow this idea turned out more popular than I expected! Woohooo!

  14. Infidel753 -- Except Der Graf. :P


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