Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wheeler Farm

Li'l Blue loves the duckies!

Growing up in Mormon Utah I always was taught about the "spirit". Like when you feel nostalgic about something in Utah it's generally described as "feeling the spirit". We have a farm down the road from us called "Wheeler Farm" and it's honestly my favorite place in the world. If I die tomorrow and my "spirit" is stuck on earth that is the place where I would roam. It's beautiful, simple, fun, easy to get to, and most importantly to me; I love the way the place makes me feel! 

She's always had a special relationship with the animals

We have gone their ever since our little girl was born so it's a place filled with memories for me. Whenever we go their I would say that's the most nostalgic I get. There isn't one corner of the farm that doesn't have some fond memory. Whenever we have a free day to do whatever we want nine times out of ten I'll say," lets go to the farm." We love it because it's so easy for us to get to, it's free, Li'l blue loves to go and feed the ducks and ride the tractors, and it feels like you step into a different world at a different time. It's a place to get away from the world and clear your mind and think about what is most important to you. Obviously mine is my family.

Li'l blue with her mommy during our 2007 Halloween visit.

My mom and I are both unemployed right now. I wish she lived closer to where we live so I could take her with us their and we could just go for walks and get away from the stresses of the high tech, fast paced world. I believe that our system, while it's the best in the world, takes the human spirit away from us. And that we need to actively fight to keep it with us. Wheeler Farm to me is it! Every time I go I leave feeling more clear, and confident about things than when I arrived. And I believe it's because it's what the human mind needs. Time to be among earth, it's creatures, it's trees and dirt, it's clear crisp air, it's people, and water. 

Li'l blue and her dorky dad!

I highly recommend everyone who reads this to have a place like this where they can go and get away from computers, tv's, high tech gismo's, and other worldly influences to find themselves. I promise you you'll have more fun going for a walk outside among nature than anything a corporation has to sell you. Because deep down it is who we all are. We are merely creatures of a planet that is no more than a spec in an entire galaxy! We need to try to stay within our world and fight to stay away from cyber space as much as we can. Because while it's fun, in the end, it's just inevitable junk.

Li'l Blue pretending to be a farmer while Daddy makes sure his armpits don't stink, 2011.


  1. There is a beautiful organic farm about 30 minutes from where I live, which boasts a CSA program and hosts two large festivals each year. I feel peaceful and alive there, just as you feel happy at Wheeler Farm.

  2. We took my pre-K class there for our field trip, it was all they talked about for weeks.
    We also used to go there for the Haunted Woods in girl scouts that was until me and the troop leader's daughter got in trouble for laughing at the actors...

  3. and how did the armpits smell. :)

    Hey I'll go with you, all you have to do is ask

  4. That sounds great Ahab, nothing seems to clear the mind the way nature does.

    That is funny Wit, sounds like you were quite the fun kid!:)

    I'm not telling Dazee! And I'll remember that next spring.

  5. True story, I have to escape to somewhere naturesque and beautiful every month or so or I go crazy. It's the only way I can write. That first moment you're out in the fresh air and there's no car horns/no computers for miles... that is indeed a beautiful thing.

  6. True dat. Isn't there an outfit promoting that for kids, called "No Child Left Inside?" We've had a crappy little cabin for years; I used to love to snag a trout in the little stream, but now it's not permitted. That bummed me out for a while, until I discovered the best thing about the place: you can't get a cell signal or the internet out there.

  7. I agree I think we all need to find that place away from "real life" so we can get more in touch with nature. We live in the country and sometimes just walking outside and breathing in the fresh air and seeing the horses in the field in front of us, can be so good for mind, body and soul.


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