Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why REAL people are unhappy with Barack Obama

Occupy Wall Street protestors are finally giving voice to what Americans are REALLY upset about
In 2008 Candidate Obama promised the country change. He promised that if we elected him that he would do away with decades of mistakes that previous administrations made. While the list is big I'll just sum it up by saying he generally promised to make life easier for average hard working Americans and would make the 1% have to chip in to our democracy for a change.

The country believed him and elected him and it's all been down hill ever since! Obama seems to think that we elected him because he wasn't John McCain. He forgot that we elected him to fight for the working poor and the middle class. Time after time after time he has sold us out in the name of compromise. He is more concerned with working with a bought congress than fighting against a bought congress! I really could go on and on about the mistakes this president has made but that's not the point of this post.

REAL people are unhappy with Obama because The economy is still awful if not worse than when he took office, the rich 10% are still getting all the breaks while the rest of us are suffering, the wars have not ended, health care reform forces us to get health insurance through greedy insurance companies instead of a public option through the government. More than this I think it just feels like he talks a good talk but when it comes right down to it he caves and compromises our principles away so he can score political points and say,"Look at everything I've accomplished."

The mainstream media deceives us when it says that Obama's approval rating is low due to government spending and a liberal agenda. I can promise you that his approval rating is low because he hasn't fought for the people who put him in office and we're voicing our disappointment.

I won't vote in 2012! First of all I live in Utah so my vote doesn't matter either way. Utah is obsessed with conservatism and religion two things I despise! I'm not voting for Jim Matheson either, time and time again he has sold out his base supporters and he deserves to get kicked the hell out as do 95% of the rest of congress. People who run for office need to get it in their thick heads that if they don't stand up for the people they're gone end of story!

We need the democratic party to fear it's base! Democrats get into office and promptly ignore and chastise it's base supporters! Why? Look where it has gotten us. I am in know way saying that I hope that the republican wins the next election. I'm saying that I'm sick and tired of having having a political system that tells me that it supports me and then turns around and works against me! I have a feeling I'm not alone either. Just look at Zuchotti Park in New York! If I lived their I would have joined them weeks ago!


  1. If we progressives do not turn out in force, even though our President has not done what he promised, and we allow a Republican President with a Republican House and a Republican Senate, our country will find itself in a hole that it will take decades to climb out of.

    Massive breaks and benefits for the rich and well connected: Entrenched.
    Funding for social services, Planned Parenthood, PBS: gone.
    Justice Department: back to looking for needle in a haystack "voter fraud" (but only by Democrats). Actual "justice"... forget about it.
    Civil rights for gays: gone.
    Even more stringent abortion barriers, if not the full overturn of Roe v Wade: ensured.

    The stakes are higher than ever. If we let apathy keep us home in 2012, we'll deserve the conservative screwing that we're going to get.

    Remember, once they're in control, unlike Democrats, the Republicans will ram through whatever they want and just let us cry in the wind.

    Utah may be a forgone conclusion but the rest of the country is not. As far as I'm concerned, the reason the economy is in the dumper is because the conservatives are preventing anything helpful from passing. They need to be held accountable.

  2. Progressives need to get off their asses and vote in the primary and elect a REAL progressive democrat to run in the general election! No more of this moderate dem bullshit. They just sell out and become moderate republicans. We don't need them, we don't want them. They have utterly failed in every sense of the word at protecting the middle class!

    I refuse to vote in Matheson simply because he isn't a republican. I refuse to vote for Obama simply because he wont be Romney! I will only vote for someone who will fight tooth and nail for me and my loved ones. Not sell us out in the name of compromise!

    Good to hear from you Bluzdude, hope you're doing well.

  3. You might find this interesting. http://www.americanselect.org/#.TrRJ2qxfNlQ.facebook It's hoping to get the first non-partisan presidential candidate. Someone who won't bend to the wills of the democrats or republicans but will stand for the people because they will be elected solely through the people.

  4. The idea sounds good but the American public will never accept it. It requires independent thought and critical thinking. Two things the American public as a whole lacks.

  5. I don't know, they already have quite a few people participating already. Enough so that the person that is chosen is going to appear on the ballots this year. It's just something that people need to know about, it needs more publicity.


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