Monday, November 7, 2011

I love her with every last gut in my body!

Me and Li'l blue in 2006! We both look completely different now.
I had a daddy daughter day today with my girl and just wanted to make known my thoughts and feelings about her! She is such an amazing person and I take next to no credit for it! Her mother has raised her, cared for her, been her constant companion since the moment she was created. So many times I am taken back with how smart, funny, and intelligent she is. But most of all, how deeply she loves.

Us in 2007.
As she has gotten older she has developed a fear of growing up. She hates it! Nothing upsets her more than the thought that she's getting bigger and smarter, and older. Her first words were "Mommy" and she was up and walking around at 12 months. She loves music and art. She loves cooking and crafting with her mom and grandma. She loves making stories and movies. She wants to be a movie maker when she grows up. She loves to play games and rough house with her dad. She has a song in her heart and there usually isn't an hour that passes that she isn't humming a little tune.

She has such an interest in life. She has such a spark! We are teaching her to be intellectually curious and to be open minded to things that are different. She loves animals so much but she is so deathly allergic to them that she can't own any. She would be such a great sister but our circumstances don't allow us to have another child. She loves her cousins on both sides so much and she loves both sides of her family so much.

 This picture absolutely breaks my heart but I wanted to document how much she adored her pet kitty of three days. She named her Charlotte, she was such a sweet little kitty. She would have been such a great owner of her. But a day after we got her Li'l blue was wheezing, hacking, coughing, and unable to breath.

We learned that she has a level 4 allergy to cats, and a level 5 allergy to dogs. In other words, she cannot have any pets who produce any sort of dander. The rest of the story is too heartbreaking for me to type so we'll just say we had to give Charlotte back to the Humane Society and were glad to see she was chosen just days after she went back.

Someday when Li'l blue is older, maybe seven or eight, we'll be able to try again. A child with the love she has in her heart should be a pet owner so I'm truly hoping and praying for the best!

This is her with her favorite cousin at lagoon. I love to watch her play with this one in particular because she is just a bit older than her so they are pretty close in age. They both have similar personalities and are pretty much best friends. If only this cousin lived a bit closer.

 I can tell these two will be close throughout their lives. Their kindred spirits for sure!

This is her with another one of her cousins on Halloween a few years ago. She loves her so much as well and has a special relationship with her too. I love her when they play because they are also so similar. They both love and adore each other. I cannot begin to tell you how often she talks about this cousin and she really looks up to her as if she were an older sister.

I know this is standard for parents to say but I truly believe in my gut that we're raising someone special. I can't explain it, she has such an ability to reach people and connect with them. She has had a pretty hard life for a five year old. She has had a sub-par father with an amazing extraordinary mother. She's had more heart-ache and heart-break than a five year old should. But I believe that it's made her a stronger person who has an incredible amount of empathy for such a young kid. 

I've met alot of people in my life but I can honestly say that she is special. Every now and then you meet someone who you know is gonna make a difference in peoples lives. I'm fortunate enough to live with one of those people.

Me and Li'l blue a couple weeks ago.
I wrote this post because during the day today I realized that she teaches me more than I teach her. I tend to be a distant, moody, crass guy. Li'l blue is anything but those. I was layed off at my full time job a month and a half ago and ever since then I've been able to spend a lot more time with her than ever. I can feel myself becoming a more happy, more gentle person because of her. I wish I was more like how I am now back when she was born, I would have been ready for her. I'm grateful to have her in my life and I love her so very much and I always will. To the day I die and beyond.


  1. That is so beautiful, and you are a great dad. Just stop it!!!!

  2. This post made me smile the whole way through.

    Just don't be so hard on yourself. Raising kids is a learning process all the way through. No one has it all figured out from Day One.

  3. I wasn't meaning to make this post seem anti-me as much as I wanted it to be pro-Li'l blue. Thanks for the words of encouragement though!:)

  4. I like the "teaches me more than I teach her" so true, Children bring us the true reality of life.

  5. Your love for your daughter is truly palpable. This is a beautiful post, one she will one day be able to read and know herself how truly lucky she is to have such a terrific father.

  6. It's true that children put real important things into perspective Brent.

    Thank you Sandra for such kind words. I'd love for her to read this post when she's my age someday!:)

  7. I love this post. This age is absolutely the best. You can see life through their eyes as they haven't been jaded. And, guess what? She's not going to know what your failings are because that's all she knows. You are her daddy and if you're anything like your mom, you are great.

  8. Thank you so much Mad mind, I'm sorta like my mom but nowhere near as cool or witty, but I try!:D

  9. You sound and look like a great Dad to me! How cute!

  10. Haha, thanks LL cool Joe. Although you really don't seam like the kind of guy that would say,"How cute". :D

  11. Thanks Marianna! I joined Cheesy bloggers but realized it was an all girls blog and didn't want to seem like a creepy stalker guy or something.:)

  12. Hmmm some proud Momma sent me here.. actually she threatened me things that no one should ever be threatened with.. if I didn't come over here..

    You have the most adorable little girl. OC would also make a wonderful big sister, but that can never happen there either.. so . we just spoil her rotten..and like you, learn more than we teach. Kids are amazing..

  13. Very true Queen! Don't let that damn Dazee Dreamer bully you into stuff! The second you cave in to her she'll walk all over you like a door freakin mat!/kidding :)


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