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Mylo Xyloto album review.

Coldplay's "Mylo Xyloto" (My-low-zy-loto) is a brilliant work of art that combines artistic song writing with pop music. A marriage that in this case, works!
It is a story, a simple one, of a guy and a girl. Who fall in love and have a relationship that falls apart, with a surprise ending at the very last literal minute!  Coldplay proves that they are true musical geniuses with this album because not once is the word "love" ever sung in this album but it is undoubtedly  a love story. But it's not a sappy love album that has one cheesy love song after another. Instead it is incredibly realistic. With the main character being the guy, we'll call him "Mylo" and the supporting character is the girl, we'll call her "Zyloto"

  1. Track one is simply called "Mylo Xyloto"  It's less than a minute long and it's a mixture of piano and different various sounds. It is almost an announcement to the world that Coldplay is back in the midst of this recession and social unrest and they're here to help in the best way they can.
  2. "Hurts Like Heaven" We meet the main character Mylo. He is a young, energetic guy. He just met this girl who he is crazy about. He is a good guy with a good heart but he is flawed. He struggles with no longer being a single player who is now in a serious relationship. I love this song because it's fast paced and high energetic. I'll predict that this song will be the opener to their tour, it gets you pumped up and ready to go!
  3. "Paradise" we meet Zyloto. She is a great person who has had a rough life and is a bit depressed but her new relationship with Mylo is giving her a renewed sense of optimism. This song is a departure of Coldplays classic sound. They go with more of a hip hop beat and the song as a whole, is the most pop sounding of any Coldplay song I've ever heard. But it's a great song, that introduces a very important character.
  4. "Charlie Brown" and "Us Against the World" are the good times in the relationship. They are optimistic in their tones and lyrics. It showes how likable both people are. You can feel how much they enjoy being together and feel their love for each other deepen as the songs go on. Yet they are individuals as much as they are a couple. They have their own demons and flaws to battle as they grow together. I love both of these songs so much. Charley Brown could quite possibly be Coldplay's best song. It's very passionate with it's beat and lyrics and makes my heart sing every time I listen to it. Us Against the World brings me back to the early Coldplay days, it sounds alot like something that could have been on their 2002 album"Rush of Blood to the Head"
  5. "MMIX" is simply an intro to the next song.
  6. "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" is the first sign of trouble. It starts out with a happy tone and upbeat lyrics but it's as if the main character Mylo can't understand why Zyloto seems unhappy. It shows that maybe his selfishness and immature ways are distancing himself from her and she is starting to question their relationship. I gotta admit when this song was first released I didn't care for it much. But I love it now because when you listen to the album as a whole it fits in perfectly with the story because it marks a true turning point in a relationship that up until this song was going so well.
  7. "Major Minus" and "UFO" Mylo is being a jerk! Instead of working on the relationship he turns inward and wants to return to how he was before he met Zyloto. He wants to party, and go clubbing, and delve into drugs and alcohol and maybe he even cheats on her in these songs. Although the lyrics don't say anything about any of those things. That's the brilliance of the album. The music is almost more about what you feel rather than what you hear the lyrics saying.
  8. "Princess of China" they break up, it's over, they both hate each other! Mylo is more shallow than Zyloto in this song because at the beginning it's Chris Martin Playing the part of Mylo and he starts the song by pretty much whining about how Zyloto left him because she's just a bitch or something. Then the song takes a surprising turn when Rhianna guest sings in this song and gives Zyloto a voice for the first time in the album. She tells Mylo that he broke her heart and that she loves him but his selfishness and self-destructive ways tore them apart. This song is brilliant! It is another departure for coldplay because this song sounds like something you'll hear at a club. A first for coldplay. It's got a very hip-hoppy,sexy feel to it and really shows off coldplay's ability to do new and different sounds that they've never done before.
  9. "Up in Flames" Mylo turns inward for the first time. He lost Zyloto and now he is taking time to reflect on what he did wrong. This song is important because you feel in the beat and melody and lyrics how sad Mylo is and he realizes how much he truly loved her and misses her.
  10. "A Hopeful Transmission" and "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" is Mylo realizing his mistakes and realizing he loves her and wants her to be in his life and will do whatever he needs to do to get her back. The song Don't let it break your heart is up beat and optimistic and this cements what we've come to like about this character. He is at heart a great, optimistic, passionate, energetic guy who doesn't let things get him down. He learns from his mistakes and tries to work on them. More than I could say about tons of guys I've met in my life. He's a perfect fit for Zyloto who tends to be the more serious, and depressed of the two.She needs him as much as he needs her They balance each other out and by the end the song you find yourself hoping that he can win her back.
  1. "Up With the Birds" is the final track of this amazing, truly inspirational album. If you haven't listened to the album in it's entirely it's just another artsy fartsy song. But if you listened to the album as a whole it moves you to tears. I'm literally chocked up as I type this because Mylo is a character who I can relate to. He makes stupid decisions that puts him in difficult situations, he hurts those he cares about the most because he gets lazy and comfortable, but he is at heart a good man who's trying to be the best person he can. You hope that Zyloto will find it in her heart to forgive him and give him another chance to make things right. Zyloto is another character who I love. She is a much more deep, intellectual, kind hearted person than Mylo. She is a strong person who made herself vulnerable to Mylo and he stomped on her heart in return. She loves him and they are truly soul mates but can she have the strength to give this idiot guy who's she's crazy about another chance. We don't find out until half way through the song and I won't give it away! You'll just have to listen and find out for yourselves! This is my personal favorite track of the whole album. It's beautiful! 


    1. I realize that the last song "Up With the Birds" has a 1. next to it instead of a 11.
      I tried to fix it but alas I couldn't, so allow me to quote Rick Perry when I say, "Oops." :)

    2. I've just ordered this album for my sister-in-law from Amazon. I'm not a massive fan of Coldplay myself but I can't comment on this release because I've only heard a couple of tracks from it so far!

    3. I think it's great! If you haven't likes their previous work you might still like this one. It's very different from their earlier stuff. But still Coldplay enough for us die hards to still enjoy.

      Thanks for visiting my blog man, hope to see you often, that would rock!

    4. Beautifully done!!! I bet everyone who reads this will be inspired to listen to it. Tremendous job
      telling the story and bringing it to life! xoxoxo

    5. Thanks Amy. I hope so, it is a great album amongst the BS out their in the music department. If you can call it "music".


    6. I might have to check this one out. Not a huge Coldplay fan, but I've liked and enjoyed some of their work.

    7. So, what genres of music do you like best?

    8. Wit this album is just good music pure and simple, I bet you'd enjoy it!:)

      I tend to like alternative rock Ahab. I also like some classic rock, punk rock, oldies, and symphonic music when my nerves need calming.

    9. I LOVE Coldplay. I can listen to their albums over and over and over again.

    10. Oh me too Sulli! Yay I got a fellow Coldplay fan on my blog!:) Wooohooooooo!:D


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