Sunday, November 13, 2011

The strange grunting lady.

Li'l Blue wanted to show off how yummy her blueberry pancakes were.

So just so you all know, I work at a grocery store here in Utah. I work in the produce department. Most customers I get are just normal, average, good people. But every now and again I get jerks, grumps, elderly's, punk kids, and pissed of mothers. I also sometimes get strange nut balls with extra sprinkles!

Last week was the queen of them all!(so far anyway) I'm stocking bananas when suddenly I hear a grunting sound behind me. I turn around and it's this lady. She's maybe in her mid 50's. Shorter with curly short hair. She grunts again and points at the bananas I have in my hand. I give them to her and she gives a thankful grunt and walks away.

I'm thinking,"seriously? That just happened?" Then I think maybe she is a special needs person so I'm quick to not pass snap judgement. But she sticks around the department. About a minute goes by and then I see her just talking normally with another lady at the bagged salads! WTF!?! Why did I get the grunt treatment!?! She sounded like a freakin mixture of Chewbacca and Tim Allen from "Home Improvement"! Then I thought oh thank you sooooo much, now I have a funny post for my blog!

So here is a big shout out to the strange grunting lady, here is my impression of how it happened. Special thanks to my cute for acting the part of me stocking bananas. Enjoy......


  1. omg. that was too funny. and those blueberry pancakes look yum-o-la

  2. True story! I acted it out the best I could to what actually happened! The pancakes were awesome too this morning! Mmmmmmm, pancakes.....


    Kidding!!! Seriously, just kidding. Hee hee. Thought I'd give ya a little jolt for the day.

    You're not a bad grunter yourself.... maybe you should try it sometime. Cute video. Glad you have a sense of humor. My husband works in a grocery store, too.... what a job. :S

  4. The thought of the grunting old woman made me thing of Warren Zevon's 'Gorilla, You're a Desperado.'

  5. Damn I had a feeling I was gonna piss off someone with this post;p Aww the old grocery store, a place where many adventures happen!

    I'll have to check out some footage from that Beer-man! Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you again!!!

  6. LMBO ummm yeah ok if I were ever in Utah I can promise you I would speak English to you, ya know like you were a PERSON worthy of acknowledgement and not some peon..

  7. Haha! Thanks Singed! Let us now be friends! I'll apologize in advance for my strangeness!:)


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